Wonderful History of Elegant Rococo Clothing

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Rococo clothing has changed in Duke of Orleans regent era, King Louis XV era and King Louis XVI of France. Decorations on rococo clothing are quite delicate and mild with perfect usages of gold thread, colored drawing, lace trims, nice tassels and so on. For example, affected by interior decorations, France rob sleeves were fitter than that in early times and craftsmanship on cuffs were very delicate and completed with nice tassels. 
Sweet Printed Lace and Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Sweet Printed Lace and Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Sleeves in Watteau rob with wing design had been replaced by delicate ruffles. The ruffles were in two tiers, with nice tassels, metal decorations and colorful lace trims. Ruffles on cuffs of inner shirt can be seen and they were quite charming. In addition, the ruffles were quite delicate and nice lace trims were added, which is a classic look of flouncing ruffled sleeves at that time.
rococo clothing

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