What Is Rococo Clothing?

rococo art
The rococo clothing features in gentle and delicate style,which making the dresses elegant and complicated. Exaggerated designs, bright colors and natural decorations produce a romantic and magnificent look. In rococo time, bright colors were common choices, such as white, gold, pink, light yellow and so on. Rococo clothing is mainly in mild and bright colors, such as sweet champagne and cream. 
Classic Printed Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Classic Printed Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
In order to imitate nature, decorations on the rococo clothing are made in asymmetrical shapes and they are full of changes. Affluent elements from nature fill rococo clothing with female easiness, which reflect the fact that newborn capitalist class pay attention to physical feelings. Remarkable elements from nature are flowers and people are glad to print them on the clothing fabric. At that time, roses and orchids were best choices. Vivid cirrus link flowers in an elegant way, which proves that people respected nature very much.
rococo period time

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