Hair Styles and Accessories for Rococo Clothing

In the previous passages, I introduced you the history and styles of rococo clothing. The movie added yesterday take us again to the dreamlike times! Today, I will show you some hair styles and accessories which can be matched with rococo clothing, so we can explore more in the wonderful kingdom.
rococo 1
1.high hair style. It is common to see in rococo time. The high style features in pads which were made of horse tails or supports made of wires. Women needed to comb their hair high and cover the pads or supports with their hair or wigs. In addition, many specially designed decorations were put on the high hair, such as potted landscapes, decorations which reflected rural scenery, even magnificent warship. Wow, people were so creative!
rococo 2
2.Luis high heel. It has an elegant look and its heel is in the middle of the foot, its to cap is very sharp. The vamp is fixed by belts or buckles. The material can be silk, satin, brocade, linen or even soft kidskin.
rococo 3
3.Folding fan. We can find that folding fans are held by elegant women in that time. It is said that the folding fans were imported from China. Europeans improved it in their own way and changed the material with skin, the patterns were delicate rococo designs. It is popular in the upper class.
rococo 4


My Favorite Movie on Rococo Clothing

rococo 1
I like movies which are themed by ancient times and I was deeply moved by the stories and nice clothing. Today I want to share you my favorite movie on rococo clothing, let’s travel to the dreamlike time together!
rococo 2
The name of the movie is Marie Antoinette, it tells us the story of the queen of Luis Sixteenth. Though the story is moving, I want to pay more attention to the nice rococo clothing. These mild clothing is filled with unique feminine beauty, including skirts with large hoop, delicate corsets, low-cut neckline, wonderful lace trims and bows. It is said rococo clothing expresses the beauty of women’s bodies in an exaggerated way. At that time many artificial decorations are used to make women more beautiful, such as corsets, high hair style and so on. Both of their clothing and skin are mild, which adorn the make-up perfectly!
rococo 3
In the movie, various luxury rococo clothing give us a wonderful performance! Different hair styles and rococo clothing are various symbols of the nice woman. With the changes of luxury rococo clothing in years, she becomes a bride instead of an innocent girl, then she turns into a good wife and mother!
rococo 4
All delicate decorations and details are in perfect match with modern elements, which are quite charming and attractive! To me, rococo clothing is not only a branch of garments but also a mark of ancient time!


Significance of Rococo Clothing

In the previous passages, I have introduced you many things of rococo clothing, which includes its history, changes, features and so on. Today I’d like to tell you its significance. Though it is so professional, I am glad to share it with you all.
rococo time
Rococo clothing has been a nice flower in the clothing history and it is a wonderful collection of human civilization and intelligence. It won’t disappear with times for its elegant, luxury and delicate designs, which are regarded as inspirations for modern designers. What’s more, smooth cutting, novel designs and exquisite skills are necessary elements of modern clothing making. Till now, rococo clothing has a great influence on clothing design and making in nowadays time. In addition, decorations on rococo clothing for women have in the highest level. Hence the status and influence of rococo clothing are huge!

nice rococo woman
In recent years, flouncings in Bohemian style, ruffles in elegant wedding dresses and delicate lace trims are remarkable symbols of rococo clothing, which express wonderful charms! Gentle and luxury look, complicate decorations, fascinating craftsmanship are dreamlike factors which make up of rococo clothing. Thanks to rococo clothing, we can enjoy our clothing so much!


Changes of Rococo Clothing in Eighteenth Century

rococo time
In the last passage, I introduced you the changes of rococo clothing from the time it appeared to  the sixteenth century. Here I want to give you introductions of its changes in later centuries and the significance it brings about to modern world.
rococo period
In the eighteenth century, decorations on the clothing turned to women’s clothing in the meantime ribbons and bows were widely used on them, which became classic elements for rococo clothing. Shirrings , ruffles and flouncings became important too, as they make the clothing more charming and fascinating. The ways of decorating are outstanding rococo elements and they are still popular choices in nowadays time. Ruffles can used with great changes on rococo clothing, making overlays with nice arch-shaped designs and delicate underskirt can be seen, which is regarded as the inspiration of indoor decorative fabric. Till now, rococo elements are popular among designers.
charming rococo women


Sweet Elements on Rococo Clothing

It is said lace trims, ribbons and flowers are sweet necessities on rococo clothing. With delicate designs and cute appearance, they make rococo clothing romantic and sweet.
elegant rococo woman
Lace was the symbol of rich, elegance and noble identities in early times as its high price, delicate patterns and luxury look. With the rapid development of textile industry, more and more delicate lace was produced and it turned into an important part on rococo clothing. It began to imply sweet and elegant female style.
nice rococo girl
Flowers are used in materials and style designs. Cirrus and flowers make the fabrics romantic and elegant. Delicate embroideries are quite eye-catching. In addition, fabrics are made in shapes of flowers to adorn the dresses.
Sweet Flower Printed Rococo Lolita Dresses
Sweet Flower Printed Rococo Lolita Dresses
People describe rococo clothing as a wonderful basket of flowers. Beside flowers, there are many bows and ribbons. They are used widely in both of women’s clothing and those of men, which expresses rococo time best.


Wonderful Details on Rococo Clothing

As we all know, rococo style of architecture has great influence on rococo clothing. Romance and elegance are their common style. Now I would like to introduce you wonderful details on rococo clothing.
rococo period clothing
In terms of rococo clothing for women, luxury patterns and exaggerated designs are magic elements as they make the delicate art alive. Corsets are an important part, because special design on it can make women more charming and slim. Delicate embroideries are perfect state words of beauties which exist in details and craftsmanship. Bustle panniers are necessary part of rococo clothing as they make bodies of women more slim and beautiful together with corsets. It is said that such designs of rococo clothing are the  inspiration of women’s clothing in modern times.
rococo period
In general, under dresses, petticoats and underslips are worn under the normal skirts. Hence delicate and elegant tiers and skirts in wonderful layers create magic effects, which can be seen as a symbol which reflects the popularity in the 18th century. Delicate ruffles and special sewing skills make the rococo clothing more attractive and luxury.
Sweet Bear Printed Rococo Lolita Dress
Sweet Bear Printed Rococo Lolita Dress


Wonderful History of Elegant Rococo Clothing

sweet rococo clothing
Rococo clothing has changed in Duke of Orleans regent era, King Louis XV era and King Louis XVI of France. Decorations on rococo clothing are quite delicate and mild with perfect usages of gold thread, colored drawing, lace trims, nice tassels and so on. For example, affected by interior decorations, France rob sleeves were fitter than that in early times and craftsmanship on cuffs were very delicate and completed with nice tassels. 
Sweet Printed Lace and Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Sweet Printed Lace and Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Sleeves in Watteau rob with wing design had been replaced by delicate ruffles. The ruffles were in two tiers, with nice tassels, metal decorations and colorful lace trims. Ruffles on cuffs of inner shirt can be seen and they were quite charming. In addition, the ruffles were quite delicate and nice lace trims were added, which is a classic look of flouncing ruffled sleeves at that time.
rococo clothing

What Is Rococo Clothing?

rococo art
The rococo clothing features in gentle and delicate style,which making the dresses elegant and complicated. Exaggerated designs, bright colors and natural decorations produce a romantic and magnificent look. In rococo time, bright colors were common choices, such as white, gold, pink, light yellow and so on. Rococo clothing is mainly in mild and bright colors, such as sweet champagne and cream. 
Classic Printed Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
Classic Printed Bow Rococo Lolita Dress
In order to imitate nature, decorations on the rococo clothing are made in asymmetrical shapes and they are full of changes. Affluent elements from nature fill rococo clothing with female easiness, which reflect the fact that newborn capitalist class pay attention to physical feelings. Remarkable elements from nature are flowers and people are glad to print them on the clothing fabric. At that time, roses and orchids were best choices. Vivid cirrus link flowers in an elegant way, which proves that people respected nature very much.
rococo period time