Sweet Elements on Rococo Clothing

It is said lace trims, ribbons and flowers are sweet necessities on rococo clothing. With delicate designs and cute appearance, they make rococo clothing romantic and sweet.
elegant rococo woman
Lace was the symbol of rich, elegance and noble identities in early times as its high price, delicate patterns and luxury look. With the rapid development of textile industry, more and more delicate lace was produced and it turned into an important part on rococo clothing. It began to imply sweet and elegant female style.
nice rococo girl
Flowers are used in materials and style designs. Cirrus and flowers make the fabrics romantic and elegant. Delicate embroideries are quite eye-catching. In addition, fabrics are made in shapes of flowers to adorn the dresses.
Sweet Flower Printed Rococo Lolita Dresses
Sweet Flower Printed Rococo Lolita Dresses
People describe rococo clothing as a wonderful basket of flowers. Beside flowers, there are many bows and ribbons. They are used widely in both of women’s clothing and those of men, which expresses rococo time best.

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