My Favorite Movie on Rococo Clothing

rococo 1
I like movies which are themed by ancient times and I was deeply moved by the stories and nice clothing. Today I want to share you my favorite movie on rococo clothing, let’s travel to the dreamlike time together!
rococo 2
The name of the movie is Marie Antoinette, it tells us the story of the queen of Luis Sixteenth. Though the story is moving, I want to pay more attention to the nice rococo clothing. These mild clothing is filled with unique feminine beauty, including skirts with large hoop, delicate corsets, low-cut neckline, wonderful lace trims and bows. It is said rococo clothing expresses the beauty of women’s bodies in an exaggerated way. At that time many artificial decorations are used to make women more beautiful, such as corsets, high hair style and so on. Both of their clothing and skin are mild, which adorn the make-up perfectly!
rococo 3
In the movie, various luxury rococo clothing give us a wonderful performance! Different hair styles and rococo clothing are various symbols of the nice woman. With the changes of luxury rococo clothing in years, she becomes a bride instead of an innocent girl, then she turns into a good wife and mother!
rococo 4
All delicate decorations and details are in perfect match with modern elements, which are quite charming and attractive! To me, rococo clothing is not only a branch of garments but also a mark of ancient time!

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