Wonderful Details on Rococo Clothing

As we all know, rococo style of architecture has great influence on rococo clothing. Romance and elegance are their common style. Now I would like to introduce you wonderful details on rococo clothing.
rococo period clothing
In terms of rococo clothing for women, luxury patterns and exaggerated designs are magic elements as they make the delicate art alive. Corsets are an important part, because special design on it can make women more charming and slim. Delicate embroideries are perfect state words of beauties which exist in details and craftsmanship. Bustle panniers are necessary part of rococo clothing as they make bodies of women more slim and beautiful together with corsets. It is said that such designs of rococo clothing are the  inspiration of women’s clothing in modern times.
rococo period
In general, under dresses, petticoats and underslips are worn under the normal skirts. Hence delicate and elegant tiers and skirts in wonderful layers create magic effects, which can be seen as a symbol which reflects the popularity in the 18th century. Delicate ruffles and special sewing skills make the rococo clothing more attractive and luxury.
Sweet Bear Printed Rococo Lolita Dress
Sweet Bear Printed Rococo Lolita Dress

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