Hair Styles and Accessories for Rococo Clothing

In the previous passages, I introduced you the history and styles of rococo clothing. The movie added yesterday take us again to the dreamlike times! Today, I will show you some hair styles and accessories which can be matched with rococo clothing, so we can explore more in the wonderful kingdom.
rococo 1
1.high hair style. It is common to see in rococo time. The high style features in pads which were made of horse tails or supports made of wires. Women needed to comb their hair high and cover the pads or supports with their hair or wigs. In addition, many specially designed decorations were put on the high hair, such as potted landscapes, decorations which reflected rural scenery, even magnificent warship. Wow, people were so creative!
rococo 2
2.Luis high heel. It has an elegant look and its heel is in the middle of the foot, its to cap is very sharp. The vamp is fixed by belts or buckles. The material can be silk, satin, brocade, linen or even soft kidskin.
rococo 3
3.Folding fan. We can find that folding fans are held by elegant women in that time. It is said that the folding fans were imported from China. Europeans improved it in their own way and changed the material with skin, the patterns were delicate rococo designs. It is popular in the upper class.
rococo 4

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