Changes of Rococo Clothing in Eighteenth Century

rococo time
In the last passage, I introduced you the changes of rococo clothing from the time it appeared to  the sixteenth century. Here I want to give you introductions of its changes in later centuries and the significance it brings about to modern world.
rococo period
In the eighteenth century, decorations on the clothing turned to women’s clothing in the meantime ribbons and bows were widely used on them, which became classic elements for rococo clothing. Shirrings , ruffles and flouncings became important too, as they make the clothing more charming and fascinating. The ways of decorating are outstanding rococo elements and they are still popular choices in nowadays time. Ruffles can used with great changes on rococo clothing, making overlays with nice arch-shaped designs and delicate underskirt can be seen, which is regarded as the inspiration of indoor decorative fabric. Till now, rococo elements are popular among designers.
charming rococo women

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