Pick Your Own Rococo Lolita Dress

Lolita is the name of a unique style of Japanese street fashion, where girls dress in modern takes on Victorian and Rococo era wear. As lolita fashion originally took inspiration from rococo style, rococo lolita dress stands out for its sweetness as well as vintage styles. When the rococo and lolita style combined together, it comes into being another new style. It has both the luxuriant printed accents from rococo and also the cuteness from the lolita style dresses. A rococo dress would be an elegant piece.

Gorgeous Velveteen Printed Rococo Lolita Dress

Rococo is a style that characterized by its luxuriant printed accents on clothing. It may include the floral detail, the castles and so on. People at that time wanted the clothes much richer in the different elements. Another element of rococo lolita style can’t be neglect is lace accents, which is always served as a trim to the dress hem. From its lolita side,over-sized bows are usually shown up on such dresses.

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