Alternative Rococo Hairstyle for Women

The French style in the 1700s was called Rococo. The Rococo style used curves, pastels and shapes that alluded to shells and flowers. It was highly elaborate and ornate, but very light, airy and fluid as well. Rococo glorified all things delicate and feminine, and this aesthetic defined the fashion of the time. 1700s French costumes featured vine-like curves, bird-like accessories and flower-like patterns, all using the pastel colors which were characteristic of the time.

In the 1760s and 1770s, women's hair styles began to reflect the trend of taking up space, and fashionable French ladies would style their hair to be as tall as possible. Women used rats, a kind of pad, and hair-pieces to build hairstyles up to 18 inches high. Hair accessories included model boats, miniature gardens, birds, vines and anything else that could be fastened to a woman's head. On top of all this, they also wore hats that were equally as tall and decorated.

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