Men's Fashion in Rococo Style

Rococo is a style both in the art and also the clothing field. For the rococo style clothing, it is popular and prevailing in the 18th century.
For women, rococo is synonymous with elegance, refinement and ornamentation. And for men the rococo gentleman’s coat is brightly colored and lavished in embroidery.
rococo men

vintage clothes for men
In most cases, the embroidery detail is seen most in women’s clothes. However, it is also found in men suits especially in the rococo style. As you can see in the picture above, men clothing’s is massively embroidered. The suits always consists of a jacket, waistcoat and breeches. There is also the white shirt, the frill, the tie and silk stockings. During the beginning of the 18 th century, stripes is fashionable and replaces the extravagant embroideries on men’s outfits.
rococo men

rococo men
Other than the embroidery, there are still some other detail on men’s suit which are refined and elegant. The ruffles are the necessary for a gentlemen’s look. And the buttons are great for a classic rococo look for men.
All in all, the men’s clothes in rococo style is characterized by its special features such as the embroidery, ruffles and the buttons.

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