Features Contributing Rococo Lolita Dresses

Rococo lolita dresses are the most popular subgenre in lolita clothing. It shares feature with lolita dresses and also has something different from the other kinds of lolita dresses. In the following part, I will focus on the features that contribute the rococo lolita dresses.
rococo lolita dresses

rococo lolita dresses

Sweet Pink Printed Bow Rococo Lolita Dress

There are mainly three aspects that contribute to the rococo lolita dresses: printed accent, lace trimmings and the use of ribbons. It is the printed accent that add the rococo to lolita dresses. And the prints include a large variety of things. The flowers, animals, fruits, cartoon characters and so on. It makes the dresses look more sweet and colorful.
rococo lolita dresses

rococo lolita dresses

Princess Embroidery Rococo Lolita Dress

Lace is another features that inevitable in rococo lolita dresses. And it is usually in the form of lace trimmings. Lace represents wealth, elegance. It adds femininity to the rococo lolita dresses.
Besides, ribbons are widely used in rococo lolita dresses. Ribbon bows decorated in the front, tied on sleeves and waist. It is the one that make the rococo lolita dresses look more lovely and cute.
To sum up, it is the features that represent a style. And for rococo lolita dresses, the features are printed accents, lace trimmings and the use of ribbon.

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