Choosing the Right Rococo Lolita Clothing for You

The word "lolita" comes from the novel of Lolita which is created in 1955 by the writer Vladimir Nabokov. Later, the novel was filmized as a film which had got a victory all over the world, especially in Japan. From then on, the word of Lolita became so popular in Japan.
Lolita fashion is a fashion subculture originating in Japan that is primarily influenced by Victorian clothing as well as costumes from the Rococo period. Lolita has made this into a unique fashion by adding gothic and original design elements to the look.
Sweet Cherry Printed Rococo Lolita Dress
This rococo lolita dress doesn't look the same like the first one, but have the same sweet feeling. It is cuter when matching with printed socks and shoes.
The navy blue floral printed rococo dress is gorgeous, and with some red elements on the dress make it adorable.
Sweet Mermaid Princess Embroidery Rococo Lolita Dress
This rococo lolita dres is light blue colored. It's made of satin, having a royal feeling. The details of the dress are my favorite. Like the neck wear, the bow and lace designs on the bodice.

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